Issue 139, May 2023


  • The Future of Consumer Contract Law

Special Feature, The History and Future of CRESARA TAIKYO

  • The Movement of the Early CURESARA TAIKYO, Conference on Eliminating Usury
  • On Being Appointed as the New Representative Secretary of the National Council against KURESARA
  • Greeting from the new Secretary General of the CURESARA TAIKYO
  • The History and Future of the KURESARA TAIKYO

Series 1, Consumer Legislation, Consumer Affairs Agency, Consumer Commission, National Consumer Affairs Centre, Legislative Recommendations.

  • Business Suspension Order, etc. against LIT
  • Corporation, Transaction Response Division, Consumer Affairs Agency
  • The 8th Report from the Consumer Commission
  • Report of the Working Group to Study Rule Formation in the Field of Consumer Law, In Order to Eliminate “Commercial Laws Inevitably Failing” from the Market and to Teach Consumer Damage Reduction
  • Code of Conduct and Legal Effects in Consumer Law: Merits of Combined Legislation 

Series 2, Loan Shark, Commercial and Industrial Loans.

  • “ABILIO Loan Services” case processing at the Tokyo Summary Court
  • Report on Anti-Poverty Efforts in Gunma at the National CURESARA Victims Exchange Meeting
  • Never Stop Water Supply, From the Efforts of Sendai’s Lifeline Free Project
  • For the Strengthening of Democratic Movement in Japan (38): Reinvigorating the Hurrah Hearing Movement

Series 3, Poverty Alleviation and Rehabilitation.

  • Reversal of the Nagoya High Court decision in the case of the request for revocation of the reduction of public assistance standards
  • Statistical Fraud Born of Political Pressure Trampled on the Right to Survival, Rejecting Price Falsification (19) 
  • Advanced Efforts of Handa City, Aichi Prefecture in Self-Supporting Assistance for the Needy

Series 4, Special Commercial Law, Deposit Insurance Law and Discount Sales.

  • Seeking for Improvement of Operation and System of Door-to-Door Sales Consumer Education Program Based on the Response of Door-to-Door Sales Association to the Detriment of Japan Life Problem
  • Opinion Calling for the Prompt Establishment of a Forum for the Examination of the Amendment to the Special Commercial Code 
  • [Documents] Written Opinion Requesting the Prompt Establishment of a Forum for the Examination of Amendments to the Special Commercial Code
  • [Documents] Letter of request
  • Series: Q&A on the Amendment of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Telemarketing Sales, National Liaison Group for Fundamental Amendment of the Special Commercial Code

Series 5, Consumer Contract Law and Unfair Business Practices.

  • Application to a Proposed Subscription Sales Proposer
  • Speech at seminar on “GREENWASH” advertisement
  • Certification as a Corporation for Supporting Consumer Group Litigation Systems and Future Initiatives
  • On the problem of bogus debt settlement by lawyers and judicial scriveners
  • A case in which it was held that notarization by a non- attorney administrative scrivener of a divorce decree stipulating the terms of divorce and visitation and coordination regarding direct visitation violated Article 72 of the Defense 10 Lawyers Act
  •  Handling of cases involving sideline fraud

Series 6, Civil Law and Other Laws

  • Review of Adult Guardianship System and “Institutionalization of Consultation”
  • Serials: Lecture on Rental Housing 3, Eviction Damage
  • Application of the Travel Music Law to Overseas OTAs
  • Suit Filed by Kyushu Electric Power Co. Ltd, to Refund Rates for Convenient Price Hike under the Revised Civil Code

Series 7, Banking, Securities, Insurance and Futures Trading

  • Establishment of “Organization for Promotion of Financial and Economic Education” and its caution against investment-oriented education
  • Opinion on the Establishment of the Organization for Promotion of Financial and Economic Education

Series 8, PL

  • Product Safety and Child Safety, Preventable Accidents are Health and Human Rights Issues for Children
  • Serials: Accident in which a 6-year old child was strangled to death by a loop in a rolled screen door

Series 9, Defective Housing

  • Serials: Basic Knowledge of Defective Housing Disputes (65), Structural Regulations of Building Standard Law

Series 10, Food Safety

  • Opinion on the Regulations and System of Functional Food Labeling
  • Issues of the New GM Labeling System and 2023 Citizens’ Market Survey on “Non-GMO” Labeling
  • The difference between the danger of SNS accusations by individuals and the provision of information by consumer groups, and the difference between pro bono(social contribution using professional skills) and activities of a risk avoidance hotline
  • Food Safety Administration and Food Safety
  • Serials: Fluoride Use Mistakes, From Fluoride Mouthwash to PFAS (3)

Series 11, Religion.

  • Activities of the Defense Lawyers and Victims’ Relief
  • For the relief of former believers who have left the Unification Church
  • Thinking about Religious Damage, From Dr. Yoshihide Sakurai’s New Book, Thinking about the Prevention of “Religious Damage”
  • Report on the response to the closure of the urban ossuary “Goryodo Motomachi” (September to December 2022)

Series 12, Pets and animal law

  • Illegal delivery and rescue of animals to animal welfare centers by the police under the Lost and Found Law
  • Miyazaki Prefecture, Pet Station Murder Cases by the Police and the Administration
  • 1. What is the Miyazaki Prefecture pet pig murder case
  • 2. A pet like an infant, a mini pig, close to human
  • 3. The police asked the government to kill the lost betty pigs, an illegal crime
  • Hyogo Prefectural Department of Public Health does not consider the work of Prefectural Animal Protection Center as legal

Series 13, Collapse of the Judiciary

  • Appeal case against Hyogo Prefectural Animal Protection Center for “same-day killing” residents
  • The court deprives people of their residence, the foundation of their life

Series 14, Cases, Precedents and Discussions on Life

  • Unjustness of Osaka City to let Yumeshima IR casino operator use the land for free

Series 15, International Consumer Issues

  • Chinese Consumer Law Situation (34), Chinese Civil Code and Consumer Protection 2

Scholar’s Eye

  • The “Broadly Defined Suitability Principle” and the Statutory Mandate of the “Best Interests of Customers” in the 2023 Amendment to the FIEA and the FINSA Law and “Best Interests of Customers” in the 2023 Amendment to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Financial Services Law
  • Amendment of French 2021 Collateral Law and Japanese Guarantee Law
  • Court Decisions Allowing Oral Cooling-Off
  • How to Support Elderly People without Relatives in the Final Stage of Life

Eyes and Activities of a Consultant

  • Which is better, Advice or Mediation? Consumer independence support and consultation system
  • So, what do consumer centers do? Increasing the number of people who understand and preventing damage

Q and A

  • Credit card fraud and its countermeasures

Precedents and Settlement Bulletin

  • No. 2608-2616

Important precedents

National Consumer Affairs Center Information

  • To avoid contract disputes of athletic gym, Points to be confirmed at the time of contract and cancellation

Voices of Government, Political Parties and Diet Members

  • A Fundamental Review of Consumer Legislation

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