Issue 134, January 2023


  • Transactional Torts and Negligence Setoff

Special Feature, Unification Association(Unification Church) and Religious Damage, How should the damage be remedied?

  • No more need for the word, “Mind Control,” to explain the Unification Association and Unification Association members
  • How to solve religious damage
  • How should we protect the children of believers
  • How Should Low Settlements, Non-Prosecution Agreements, and Notarized Will Cases Be Remedied
  • Counseling for cult damage
  • Religious Damage and Surrounding Issues
  • On Requests for Orders to Dissolve Religious Corporations
  • Document, Statement on the enactment of the “Act on Prevention of Unjustifiable Solicitation of Donations by Juridical Persons”
  • Document, Law Concerning Prevention of Improper Solicitation of Contributions by Juridical Persons, etc.

Series 1, Consumer Legislation, Consumer Affairs Agency, Consumer Commission, National Consumer Affairs Center, Japan Federation of Bar Associations

  • Report of the Consumer Commission, Cabinet Office
  • Interim Report of the Working Group for the Study of Rule-Making in the Field of Consumer Law
  • Report on the Recent Status of the Consumer Commission
  • Cross-cutting Legislation on Consumer Transactions in Foreign Countries

Series 2, Loan shark, Commercial and Industrial Loan

  • Toward Regulation of Factoring Transactions Similar to Money Lending, Full text on the web
  • For Strengthening Democratic Movement in Japan (32), Why Opposition Parties Cannot Win Election

Series 3, Anti-Poverty/Rehabilitation

  • “Inochi no Toride Saiban (Fortress of Life Lawsuit),” Victory Judgment of Yokohama District Court
  • Successive illegal judgments for lowering the standard of public assistance
  • How Far Will the “Statistics Fraud Cover-Up Trials” Continue? The Case Against Mislabeled Prices (Vol. 14)
  • On the Separation of Households for the Purpose of Schooling and Termination in the Welfare System
  • A Case in which the Decision to Change the Selection of the Overpayment of Public Assistance Expenses was Reversed as Illegal in Violation of the Obligation to Investigate and Review under Article 80 of the Law, Ruling
  • Taxation of Financial Income and Tax Burden

Series 4, Special Commercial Law, Deposit Law, Credit (selling in installments)

  • Actual Conditions of Damage to Relatives of Members of Multilevel Marketing Schemes
  • Fraudulent Sales of Information Products by Overseas Corporations and the Necessity of Strengthening the Obligation of Payment Agents to Investigate Merchants
  • Cooling-Off by Electroacid Record
  • Toward a Fundamental Revision of the Act on Special Commercial Transactions
  • Document, Opinion Letter Calling for Fundamental Revision of the Act Based on the Five-Year Review Provision in the 2016 Revision of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Series 5, Consumer Contract Law

  • Rescission and Return of Use Profit under the Consumer Contract Act, Problems with the Description in the Explanation of the Law and Expectations for Legislative Treatment
  • Reversal of Partial Victory Decision in an Injunction Suit Concerning KRG’s Subdivision Land Management Contract
  • Progress of the Lawsuit for Injunction against Trial Price Commercial Law
  • Application to “Key Co, Ltd, (Key Rescue)”
  • Application to Good Brace Corporation
  • Inquiry activities have resulted in improved terms and conditions for balance usage of smartphone payment services, Consumer Support Organization Kansai (KCs)
  • HOKUNET Activity Report
  • A Court Decision Limiting Credit Card Companies’ Claims on the Ground of Insufficient Merchant Business Continuation Examination
  • Case of denying the validity of a contract forged by a person in a class member-like position using the signature substitute method, Settlement
  • Implementation of the “Kimono Sales Damage Hotline 110”
  • International Romance Fraud: Various Issues Related to Lawyer’s Advertisements that Claims to be able to Get Your Money Back
  • The Problem of Phony Advertisements by Lawyers: The Media and Bar Associations Finally Take Up the Issue

Series 6, Product Liability

  • Serial, Accidental contamination of intermediate food ingredients with a freshness preservative., Tokyo District Court Decision on March 30, 2021

Series 7, Defective Housing

  • When the state sells a building to a private party, and when the state knows whether asbestos is used or not and what kind of asbestos is used, the state is obliged to notify the pledgee of this in the property record
  • Issues concerning fixed price renovation
  • Serial, Basic Knowledge of the Serialized Flat-rate Housing Dispute (60), Proof of Flat-rate Housing

Series 8, Food Safety

  • Lawsuit demanding disclosure of information on the verification of food with food labeling partially won, appeal filed against the reason for nondisclosure
  • Serial, What is entomophagy? What is the problem?
  • The effectiveness of the measure order and the “faulty labeling on food e-commerce sites” that was unexpectedly revealed, and the importance of communication between consumer administration and consumer groups being questioned once again
  • Reference, Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd., boarding order based on the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations
  • Reference, Installation Order Based on the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations against Yamada Apiary Co., Ltd.
  • Food Labeling, Why is it written like this? (9), Is Tuna Cut-offs perishable food?

Series 9, Religion

  • If the bones cannot be recovered, there will be no graves

Series 10, Pet and Animal Law

  • THE Pet Law School, Autumn Study Session, “Animal Lives, and the Way of Coexistence between Humans and Animals”
  • Should animals be given juridical personality
  • Why People Don’t Want to Reform the Law to Say Animals Are Not Things
  • Issues to Promote Animal Welfare in Livestock Animals
  • Heavy Penalties for Animal Crimes, Obligation to Install Microchips

Series 11, International Consumer Issues

  • Strengthening of Telemarketing Regulations in the Netherlands, From a Refusal Registration System to an Opt-in System
  • Consumer Protection Election and Telemarketing Regulation in Uruguay, One Comprehensive Consumer Law and Do-Not-Call System

Scholars’ Eye.

  • Consumer and Sublease Agreements

Eye and Activity of Consumer Consultanst

  • Counseling on Fraudulent Subscription Purchases that are Difficult to Resolve
  • Efforts Expected of the Association to Promote Safe and Secure Transaction Markets on Digital Platforms

Shodanren Information

  • Efforts of the National Federation of Shodanren’s International Activities Special Committee

Q and A

  • Crypto Asset Exchange Proponent’s Failure

Precedents and Settlement Bulletin

  • No. 2551~2559

Introduction of Important Precedents

  • Statute of Limitations and the light of repayment
  • Victory Judgment Ordering the Revocation of the Reduction of the Living Maintenance Expense
  • Administrative Cases
  • Separation of Public Assistance and Critique
  • Judgment reducing 30% of the sales company’s bill for individual credit obligations for “Golf Stadium.”
  • International Romance Fraud
  • Special Commercial Code, Determination of Illegality of Solicitation, Tort
  • Defective Housing, Settlement

National Consumer Affairs Center Information

  • Consumer Disputes in Consumer Affairs Consultation (47)

Voices of the Government, Political Parties, and Diet Members

  • Influence and Problems of Unification Church in Politics
  • For the damage of the donation by the former Unification Church, please realize effective remedy for the damage!


  • Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident Nakadori Lawsuit

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  • Database of judicial precedents
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  • Calendar of events of various organizations